Fly My Pretties: A Story – Review

Last week I got myself a copy of Fly My Pretty’s “A Story”. After playing ‘Old Friends’ with a couple of mates at a talent quest, and loving the mix of country, folk, and blues sound, I was quite looking forward to the prospects of the rest of the album.

The presentation is beautiful. I’ve always enjoyed CD packaging, and this is one of the more simple, yet stunning. The CD and DVD both come as single fold sleeves in a cardboard box. The gorgeous designs are embossed into the cardboard, and their logo on the sleeves is a gloss layer that catches the light as you turn it. Inside the box is also a manual for the CD, including the musicians, the songs and the premise behind the album.

Their first track, ‘Old Friends’, as mentioned, is one of my favourites. After listening to it, it reminded me why I bought the album. However, by the end of track two, I realised that my favourite track might have been a one off. The other tracks fit more into a reggae feel, following the likes of Fat Freddy’s Drop, or Salmonella Dub. The songs are well formed, with a big sound due to the amount of musicians, but they are not over powering of the vocals, which are high in the mix. Some of the harmonies worked wonders, others left a lot to be desired.

The DVD is spectacular, with the story being read and performed by Dick Weir beautifully. The graphics are good, but the songs do become a bit monotonous and lack lustre. Eventually it all just fades into the background as your focus shifts to other things around the room.

All in all, a bit disappointing. The story and graphics on the DVD are the best part, if you don’t get bored and fly away.

★★★☆☆  – 3 Stars

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