Hillsong Live – God is Able: Review

The first time I listened through the album I was a tad disappointed. Usually there’s a bit of a guarantee that there’ll be a hit song on a Hillsong album. But nothing stood out.

So I do what I usually do, and put the CD in my car. It’s now been in there for 3 weeks, and I can say there are some songs that slowly filter into your life through the subconscious. Within days, I found tunes singing in the shower and found myself wondering where they came from, only to find out they were on this CD.

All the songs seem to flow together, without being overtly seamless playback. Track 4 “The Lost are Found” hits home for me. It falls into a repetitiveness that captures the soul, without becoming tired. The words settle into the heart well, and are taken from verses in the bible. It also leads into the title track which has a forgettable riff, but immediately jogs your memory once it begins.

The other songs that stand out are track 9 and 10, “Narrow Road” and “My Heart is Overwhelmed” respectively. “Narrow Road”  really speaks about one of the first thing we need when we come to worship, and that is a humble heart. If we come to worship without a humble heart, we often miss the point.
“My Heart is Overwhelmed” is another song that just settles into the subconscious, but it has a Mumford and Son’s type feel that brings a different yet comfortable feel to corporate worship.

The true test of a worship song is their playability. If the song is impossibly tricky, it’s unlikely to get picked up by the worship team, and the congregation. Having picked up a few of the songs myself (without the aid of!), it goes to show that these songs have a relatively simple base from which to work from.

I was, however, bitterly disappointed in the DVD. Usually you’d expect a CD/DVD set to have the audio version on the CD, with the DVD having all the songs performed live. Not so. Only 3 songs are on the DVD with some interviews with some of the songwriters.

★★★☆☆  – 3 Stars

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