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Sad Clown, Lilac Wine, Mary Oh Mary, Some Day


Today we spent time doing a bit of recording with the new setup at the studio.
We worked on 4 songs, getting some of the vocal mixes done. Over the past few weeks I have worked on “Sad Clown” and “Lilac Wine” myself, with Stu joining me to work on the negro spiritual songs “Mary Oh Mary” and “Some Day”. Today we put some harmonies together and mixed those into the songs.
The next stage is adding some additional instrument voicing into the mix and finalising the projects.

Lilac Wine

Lilac Wine is a beautiful song I first heard on Jeff Buckley’s “Grace” album. It touched something deep inside. I’m not sure if it was because of the haunting voice, or the fact that I don’t drink, and wine made of lilac seems just as absurd; but I love the song and so figured I would record my own version of it.