The Studio: Decor

So the first major project in our new home has begun, a year after we moved in. The studio as it has come to be known, has been in regular use, and every time it is used, I have a regular urge deep, deep down, to curl up and die. It is the most hideous […]

How to build a Mandolin

The following is some of the things I learned along the way of building and constructing my kitset Mandolin. The kitset is a SAGA Mandolin AM-10. I suspect other kits are similar in the pieces they include. Hopefully, you read this BEFORE constructing, and so you don’t make some of the same mistakes I did. […]

Studio Wall

I’ve finally decided to begin work on the mural for my studio. I wanted something classic, with a little bit of my own flavour. I knew I wanted that black and white rock portrait silhouette feel, and so I just had to come up with the musicians that have inspired me. Obviously Eric Clapton had to […]

Hillsong Live – God is Able: Review

The first time I listened through the album I was a tad disappointed. Usually there’s a bit of a guarantee that there’ll be a hit song on a Hillsong album. But nothing stood out. So I do what I usually do, and put the CD in my car. It’s now been in there for 3 […]

Haven Grove Studio

Welcome to Haven Grove Studio. The studio was set up by Al Ingham, in the spare room of his house. It is a place where the music can be played, the worship lifted up, and begin to be captured to share with others. The hunt has been on for a name for my music room […]

Avalanche City: Our New Life Above the Ground – Review

Avalanche City – not a place that has a very welcoming name, nor would you want to spend the night. There is no wonder that the population of Avalanche City is one. Just one guy. Dave Baxter. But when you listen to the layers of music and the fullness of each sound, and you read […]

Fly My Pretties: A Story – Review

Last week I got myself a copy of Fly My Pretty’s “A Story”. After playing ‘Old Friends’ with a couple of mates at a talent quest, and loving the mix of country, folk, and blues sound, I was quite looking forward to the prospects of the rest of the album. The presentation is beautiful. I’ve […]

Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More – Review

This won’t be the first review ever written for Mumford & Sons, and there’s probably countless other website more reputable for music reviews than this, but these are my four cents worth anyway. Mumford & Sons definitely live up to their reputation. At the moment, they’re mostly known for their single “Little Lion Man” which appears on […]

Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk – Review

This week I got Hugh Laurie’s new album “Let Them Talk”. Lets just say one thing. Magical. Having followed his masterful career in ‘House’ (which I’ve followed since Season 1), I have seen links to Laurie’s musical side, seeing a glorious Les Paul hanging on the wall in his apartment, and the occasional scene of House sitting […]