Playing By Ear – Part 2

There are many benefits for playing by ear in a worship team, just as there are benefits for having music in front of you. I must say, that when I lead the congregation in worship, I like to have the music in front of me as a fail safe, although there have been times where […]

How to play by ear

One of the most valuable skills I have learned over the years is the ability to play worship by ear. The benefits are endless, least of all because you no longer need to flick through music folders or have a music stand in front of you. The fact of the matter is, that with music […]

David Crowder Band: Church Music – Review

This latest album release from David Crowder pushes him further into musical genius, but further away from a more traditional view of what contemporary church music is. Whilst his earlier albums have been ground breaking in the way that we view worship, this latest piece leaves very little in the way of practical songs that […]

Kevin Max: The Imposter – Review

At first listening, Kevin’s Album title ‘The Imposter’ was averagely similar to his first one. I got it in a bargin bin for $10 to be honest! (It was released AGES ago…)But it’s solid. The music comes out and there’s a bit of extra grunt behind the guitars that was somewhat lacking in the first […]

Tobymac: Portable Sounds – Review

The latest album by Tobymac, titled Portable Sounds has been playing through my earphones for the last 3 months or so. But why I’m writing about it now is because it has finally clicked with me.Unlike his previous albums which are titled after tracks on the CD, this one is separately titled.I brushed this aside, […]