Haven Grove Guitar V – ES355

This is my first ES355 shaped guitar. It is a solid body thinline version however, but still features an archtop which is also my first – completely carved by hand. I’ve always loved the shape of these guitars, along with the Les Paul, and I am very happy with how this one turned out. One […]

Haven Grove Guitar III – Red Baird

Very early on, a friend of mine contacted me about the guitars I was making and made arrangements for me to build one for him. As I was still very much in the learning process, I charged him for parts and materials, and that was it. It was really awesome working through all the different […]

Haven Grove Guitar II – Chambered Telecaster

This is my second guitar build, though if I’m honest, it was the idea of it that motivated me to build a guitar myself in the first place. A while back I owned a chambered Squire Tele, but sold it to upgrade to another guitar. Looking back on it, I shouldn’t have. So I decided […]

Haven Grove Guitar I – Stratocaster

After seeing a similar styled guitar on the internet, I immediately knew I wanted to make one. I have always loved the stylings of a Telecaster, and the shape of a Stratocaster, and saw that by combining these, it made the ultimate finished piece. I also wanted to highlight and accent the wood, which is […]