The Studio


Haven Grove Studio is a personal recording studio. It is situated in a downstairs room, where the walls have been built underground with concrete blocks. There is some natural reverb because of this, but also limited sound leak to the neighbours. There are no windows, which also helps deaden the sound to the outside. The studio is carpeted on top of a concrete floor.

The Gear

Personal Guitar CollectionOther InstrumentsRecordingAmplifiersMicrophonesAdditional
  • Walden 6 string Acoustic/Electric
  • SX Poison series (Scorpion) 6 string Acoustic/Electric (no preamp)
  • Takamine 12 string Acoustic/Electric
  • Vester 'Stratocaster' Electric Guitar
  • Squire 'Telecaster' Electric Guitar
  • Epiphone 'Les Paul' Electric Guitar
  • Mandolin Kitset (Handmade kit-build)
  • Haven Guitar Stratocaster I (Handmade)
  • Haven Guitar Telecaster II (Handmade)
  • Haven Guitar Stratocaster Thinline IV (Handmade)
  • Haven Guitar ES355 Thinline V (Handmade)
  • Washburn Electric Guitar (loan)
  • Ministar 5 Bass Guitar (loan)
  • Personal drum kit (loan)
  • Piano (out of tune)
  • Old Organ (bass pedals only)
  • Yamaha Keyboard (with MIDI)
  • Blues Harps (Harmonicas) - in A, in E.
  • Maracas (x2)
  • Egg Shakers (x2)
  • Alesis Multimix8 USB2.0 FX mixer
  • Mac OSX 10 4GB 2.66Hz 320GB + 250GB
  • Logic Pro X
  • Cubase LE
  • Kurzweil KS40A Studio Monitors
  • Small Desktop Amp
  • AKG K44 Headphones
  • Peavey Envoy 310
  • Peavy 50W
  • Laney LA30C 30W Amp (loan)
  • Peavey practise Amp (loan)
  • CAD GXL 2200 Condenser Microphone (x2)
  • Dynamic Microphone
  • Microphone Stands (2x boom mic stands; 1 straight stand, 2 fixed mount, 1x spider mount)
  • DI Box